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01Free for life

Free use of platform. Searching and finding Guests and Locals Recommended Locations.

02Global Guest Cards

Only recommended places where you can feel like an regular guest. You access privileges and regular discounts in all guest recommended locations and services. One by one, Country by country, we are giving more options to international and local guests.

03Events to promote local services

Guest.Cards organise events to bring closer tourists and local people.


Guest.Cards is committed to always give a part of the profits for charity or other good purposes related to the local community. Follow us on social media and blog.

After more than 40 years of team experience in international business development, branding, marketing and social media administration for various companies like: restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, resorts and other segment companies.
We decide to develop a niche platform from the people nececity to easily find good recommended places and have discounts on the same time.

This is why we integrate all important knowledge in the business model in order to reward those recommended locations that are bringing good service and have positive impact on the guests and tourists.
And, Yes those locations are the ones who can raise the services quality and guest experience in all Canary Islands.

Soon platform will be applied to other EU countries!
Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Uk, Austria, Croatia, France, Hungary, Belgium,…

In this way we are adding maximum added value to the recommended locations, guests that use the platform and guest cards.

Personalised Services

  • Business Development
  • Personalised Creative Marketing
  • Clients Management
  • Brand Development